I believe we are aware of gourmet food, but what exactly does it mean? This is a nicer or more unusual or sophisticated than ordinary food, and it is often more expensive. So what does this mean? It means that food which has been cooked by the most professional chef in the planet using all types of ingredient cannot be referred to as gourmet. Therefore, if you can take ingredients for making a particular food and be able to cook a superb and more delicious food from your ingredients, then your food can be an example of a gourmet one. But what are the common examples of this type of food? The first example is Beluga. I know the word sounds strange; this is a large fish which lives in the northern part of the world (Russia). It is mainly caught for its eggs which are known as caviar. It is their unfertilized eggs which are always hunted. This is a good example of gourmet and it is usually eaten using tortoise shell spoon. Why? Because it will not taste as it supposes to be when eaten using metallic spoon. Gourmet Food By Flavor The Taste.

The second example of gourmet food is wild smoked salmon.  It is a large silver-colored fish which when wildly smoked is referred to as gourmet. It tastes very different from the commonly smoked salmon we found in the supermarket shelves. So do not confuse the two. The amazing thing about these sea foods is that they are very rich in vitamins and minerals. I think this is the main reasons why they are highly considered because of their great importance to the health. The next example is truffle. This is a soft round sweet made with chocolate and usually flavored with rum. It is very expensive thus cannot be afforded by ordinary man/peasant.

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